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Ask Labour MPs to support a People's Vote on Brexit

Dear Labour MPs

Our groups represent the views of Labour Party members from across the country. Like you, we are keen to see the end of the Tory Government and the election of a radical Labour Government to address the social and economic challenges our country faces. We are committed to working with you and your team to that end. 

As a means to evidence our Labour values and as a step towards the election we all want to see, we are writing to express our solidarity with your decision to vote against the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration, setting out the Framework for the Future Relationship between the EU and the UK.

Like you, we believe that the Withdrawal Agreement would cost our economy billions, leaving vulnerable people worse off and our public services strapped for cash. The Political Declaration resolves nothing, and would mean that the same debates that have been unresolved for the last 32 months would continue long into the future when, as a third country in EU terms, we would have significantly reduced our negotiating power, as we would be subject to an effective veto by any single member state. If this deal is passed not only would the uncertainties continue but so will the debates and divisions. Brexit would continue to consume Parliament’s energy to the exclusion of all else that our politics should be addressing.

Once the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration are voted down, finding a way forward that will heal the divisions and damage that the 2016 Referendum caused, and that will put the economy on as sure a footing as possible to protect jobs and manufacturing, is of the utmost importance to us all. 

We recognise that there is no easy solution, and that, whatever the outcome of Brexit, the country will still be in dire need of a reforming Labour Government. However, we believe that the chaos and economic harm that would result from any form of Brexit would only add to the damage already wrought by this appalling Government, recently described as ‘cruel and inhuman’ by the UN rapporteur, and would leave struggling families even worse off than they are today. 

If we do not manage to secure a General Election, we believe that the best and only way out of the ensuing chaos is a public vote. Putting trust in people to choose between the outcome of Theresa May’s negotiations and our current relationship with the EU, which gives us leverage to secure reforms to it. This has support of the vast majority of Labour members and our voters. Now is the time to bring this debate to a close so that Parliament can start dealing with all the issues that desperately need addressing in our country, including the NHS, housing, social care and the investment we need to see in jobs, infrastructure and education, all of which are being damaged by the threat of Brexit. 

We genuinely believe that supporting a public vote on the terms of Brexit versus our membership of the European Union will put Labour MPs on the right side of the political argument for years to come. All the evidence suggests that doing so would not only end the Tories’ Brexit fantasy, but would also hasten our journey into government where we can implement the fundamental changes needed in our economy and society. 

In solidarity,

Labour for a People’s Vote 
Labour Movement for Europe
For Our Future's Sake
Remain Labour

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